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The action of solidarity with Cegielski's workers

In front of the gate of HCP plants(Hipolit Cegielski Poznań) took place another demonstration of 150 workers organized in OKP (Polish Protesting Comitee). The demonstration was organised as a voice of solidarity with dismissed workers of HCP, protest againt persecuting trade unions activists, breaching the workers rights and using the politic of intimidation by the administration of HCP.

The mamagement of the company, afraid for mass demonstration, had administered special means. To cut the frequency on demonstration part of the workers was send that day on compulsive laeve, while the rest of the staff got off at 12o'clock ( 2 houres before the demonstration). At any case also the president of HCP was absent that day.

The whole area aws patroled by the police.


The picket has started near to the closed gates of plant, later the participants went under the seat of company's management. In manifestation hint their contribution delegations from Trade Unions of Continual Motion's Workers, the Szczecin Shipyard, Cables Factory from Ozarow, Bison-Bial, Pulawy Factory and others plants in danger in which the workers faight for they work places.

During the demonstration people appealed to all trade unions to end the senslessagreament with breaking workers rights employers,. They reminded that the trade unions were caled up to defense workers from dismissal and pay's cut, to fight for workers rights that present government want to take away from us acting under the pression of economocal elits and international concerns.

The Workers Initiative Poland would like to thank all the people that responed to our appeal.
Especialy to:

Priama Akcija - IWA Slovakia (Michal!)
Will Firth (FAU-ILA Berlin)
Leicester AF

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