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Solidarity with Fouad Harjane!

Foud Harjane – member of the French CNT trade union – took part in occupation of the railway station in Metz during the massive social protest against “Equal opportunities law” (also known as CPE – “first job contract”) on march 30th 2006. The occupation – organized after the call from National Coordination of Students – gathered more than 800 people and was a part of nation-wide protest that forced the right-wing government of Dominique de Villepin to withdraw the “Equal opportunities law”. Nevertheless, Foud was the only person fined with 40 000 Euro for participating in occupation.


Warsaw Local Commission of  the„Workers Initiative” Trade Union expresses it’s full solidarity with Fouad Harjane and all activists suppressed for their participation in anti-CPE protests. We condemn all attempts to restrict the right to protest and suppress the most active participants of the social movement against CPE.

On 12th of September we are organizing a picket line in front of French Embassy in Warsaw to express our solidarity with Fouad. Solidarity beyond borders!


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